If you thought punk was dead, I am sorry, but surprise bitch, today I am going to introduce you to one of the most exiting new “it thing” of the moment, the FAKK, which I like to label as a “millennial – electronic – punk” group, and they are fucking killing it.

What the FAKK are you? 

We are three music freaks:
F the psycho, (And) Kit the annoyed and Kat the akward.
What we do is electronic sperimental music mixed with anti-artistic performances.

Tell us more about your project, how it all started and what the future has in its mind for you. 

It all started by a joke during an alcoholic game, but we couldn’t expect us jumping on a stage and screaming in a megaphone with some weird black tights as masks.
We’re now working on a self-producted single with our producer Edoardo Sansonne AKA Kawabate, an electronic musician. This new song will be featured in our latest show based on the sci-fi atmosphere.

Punk is always reconnected with violence and brutality but concretely how violence influences what you do – visually and artistically -? 

We think that Punk is a never ending rebellion towards a society full of forced rules.
FAKK wants to be borderless, no limits, no rules, total freedom on both emotional and physical sides.
Punk allows us to overact.

In my opinion, rage is an opportunity to let what you have inside organically explode, what are your opinions about this? 

This vision is perfectly related with our alter-ego.
We aim to set free our deepest dark sides through our harsh performances and yelling voices.

Your style and your performances are very peculiar, I would even say that they are ambiguous, so I am very curious about the reactions that other people have on you. Do they understand what you do? 

Of course people feel fazed and confused after the show, but also excited and amused.
Actually during our shows we infect them with our madness showing them our rage at first, but provoking them at the same time.
We can say FAKK is an artistic expression and so it has to be interpreted.

In a generational chaos as the one we are living in, is still there space for revolution? 

There are two ways to escape from chaos, and no excuses: you can stay in a passive attitude, being subjected by your surroundings. But we choose to move forward to express ourselves: this is our revolution.