As part of the Shoot the Breeze series, Urban Foxes Collective created and performed at The Camden People’s Theatre. In keeping with the series the performance addressed issues of climate change but did so from an angle that is not often taken but is becoming increasingly pressing to our generation. The performance looked at the ethicacy of having children in an age of over-consumption, overpopulation and a world on the brink of environmental disaster. The piece kept the audience close and intimate throughout the performance and used humour throughout.

The Urban Foxes Collective is an all female group that seeks to undress the current issues that confront us and, through Floods, they have attempted to do just that. The performance gave consideration to the act of having a child as a given rather than examining the process within the context of our current age.
Our generation is forced to be increasingly mindful of all decisions that are made as the impacts of these decisions becomes so much more evident. We can no longer afford to be unwitting participants in the destruction of the planet and should, instead, intellectually tackle those human activities that were, perhaps, at one time prescribed.

Performances such as Floods are vital as they begin to open up a dialogue that is so needed. A dialogue of which we should all be participants as we adapt to an uncertain environment and an uncertain future. The performance was careful to unpack this issue further as it presents to the audience the conflicts that arise when the environmental issues begin to be at odds with motherhood and human instinct. What does it mean to be a woman in this current age? How do we confront our ‘biological clock’?

The play cleverly includes the theme of social media and its impact on the decisions that we make and, in this context, how this impacts on the very significant turns that our lives end up taking. What was certainly made apparent throughout the performance was the need for increased consideration for the way that we decide to live.
Many generations before ours have had a fear of the future and what will become of future generations but the environmental threats that have appeared so rapidly in the past few years have given these fears a new urgency and this is what is captured through Floods.