While a post democratic society feeds our brains with “full gender equality” theories, STAI ZITTA magazine offers to our unsatisfied minds a new flavor…and it’s completely gender-free, so don’t be silly and take a bite.

Today we meet the secret ingredient that gave birth to the spiciest magazine, Tea Hacic, the founder and the creative director of STAI ZITTA magazine, who will share with us all her thoughts and all the secrets behind this marvelous genderless project.

Tea, let’s start from the beginning, tell our readers when and how did the primordial idea of this project came to your mind? What was the purpose and the direction hidden under the STAI ZITTA project?

Women’s magazines have always been crap. Today they’re still crap, disguised as marketable feminism. (See Freeda, for example). Using “empowerment” as a front for selling makeup. I wanted to make a better women’s magazine but realized any content “FOR WOMEN” becomes OTHER/NICHE content. I didn’t want to fall into that trap. STAI ZITTA naturally became fluid—a feminine perspective, for everyone. SZ readers accept that voice as credible. When I was first recruiting for SZ, I wrote on FB: “any girls interested in a position at a new magazine?” Alessandro Mensi, who became SZ’s art director, commented: “I’m a girl!” That’s the attitude.

“Satire”, “provocation” and “gender” could be defined as the three key words of your project; but in a world where satire, provocation and gender are seen as flaws and not as qualities, how does STAI ZITTA take their space?

We make our own space! The world belongs to wealthy men. Humorless and heartless ones. I don’t think that will change. Politics are horrible as ever. I read books written by feminists from 100 years ago which hold up today. Nothing’s improved aside from some superficial laws. STAI ZITTA can’t change the world but we CAN give those who deserve a better world something fun to read, between mental breakdowns.

Gender is definitely the ‘it thing’ of our generation; we are basically bombed since children by gender instructions, visually and morally speaking. But what role does Gender have in your project image? What does STAI ZITTA feel about gender?

Gender is performance. I am a woman who identifies as a woman. Being born with a woman’s body basically fucks you for life but I enjoy the SHOW of femininity: it’s resilient and magnificent. Each member of STAI ZITTA does drag at our parties. Classic gender roles hurt everyone so it’s our job to dismantle them—with the help of a few cocktails.

People think that introducing gender fluid situations in our everyday-lives could destabilize and even lend us to a nihilism 2.0. Every change lends to precariousness, but sometimes we do need to break the old walls in order to build a brand-new skyscraper. What can you say about that?

Destruction is our only hope. Americans should overthrow the Trump administration! Women should kill their abusive husbands! Italians should obliterate their churches—and turn them into something useful, like refugee shelters or raves! We’re all too stupid and scared tho.

Recently, the Pope shared a very controversial sentence about this issue; he suggested schools to unteach gender theory because it is a ‘global war’ against families. What do you think about that? Are we still talking about right to speak or are we getting into a free-hate propaganda?

FUCK THE POPE. Religion is the worst thing about humanity. The darkest plague in our history. Religious leaders are evil at worst and insane at best.

We are coming to the end of this sweet little talk, I would love to finish this interview asking you what do you hope for a reality as STAI ZITTA, or as ONEG magazine, to do in order to nullify the standard ideals of our society about Gender and to support a hundred percent (gender-)free new age.

It’s our job as indie magazines to give diverse artists a platform—to actively support contributors who aren’t white hetero men. To maintain this ideal, we should avoid brands. I’m showing my age, but I remember when it wasn’t cool to sell-out! Money matters only to pay our contributors (which SZ takes seriously—raising funds with merch and parties). Women, gays and trans people have never held any considerable wealth so we have that advantage—nothing to lose

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An interview by Stefano Riva