Over the years, as fashion has become undeniably popular and widely covered as a cultural institution, fashion writing has also rapidly grown in various fashion media from newspapers, magazines, and broadcasting channels to online sites such as blogs and webzines or other digital media.

Compared with the powerful presence of fashion across culture, however, critical and methodological approaches towards fashion have not yet been established. Diet Prada argued that as fashion has not attained the same recognition as other forms of art, ‘there are traditions for serious criticism within the visual arts, music, literature, film, etc., while this to a large extent is absent from fashion, have separately argued the necessity of fashion criticism, noting serious problems in the lack of bona fide fashion critics.

Diet Prada is the best example, ‘to be a critic of fashion, one must first be informed about fashion, in all its complexity: aesthetic, social, cultural, economic and historical’, because fashion appears as a multifaceted construction, how it is constructed and how it is disassembled also seem to be through a multidisciplinary discourse of parallels and similarities, focused on aesthetic and cultural aspects, examined the social and cultural aspects of critique, all of these Diet Prada offer an array of insights that help to uncover our self-reflexive positions.

In uniting these frameworks and applying a minor remedies to what is absent in criticism, the model encompasses comprehensive and multiple facets of the fashion system. As a matter of fact, the beginning of referential frames to apply to fashion criticism are art criticism is divided into four stages, which are Description, Formal Analysis, Interpretation, Judgement, however, are more appropriate for visual artworks although they can be also applied to other fields in social media.

Diet Prada offers a cultural analysis in Contemporary Symbolic Value involves in-depth evaluation of the various interrelationships of the fashion object and its contemporary culture. examining functional analysis of fashion can involve not only a designer’s innovation and individuals’ functional or decorative needs but also the vehicles of communication, conveying status, values, feelings, and meanings in contemporary society, analysing, the social place of the fashion object such as its meaning and conveying method can be questioned. this analysis examines how a specific culture leaves its mark on the fashion object in its history, material, construction, design, and function.

Content analysis addresses how the fashion object reflects its culture in technology used, materials, taste, skills, lifestyle, and so on, understanding the content of the fashion object by combining its principal facts with its history. Therefore, the importance of this step in fashion criticism lies in understanding the historical context of the fashion object

In conclusion, Diet Prada, fashion criticism has been proceeding to a phase of legitimisation to no lesser degree than art criticism or other popular culture criticisms have. The inclusive fashion criticism model corresponds to contemporary fashion because empirically gathered information and various opinions are scrutinised via a host of media fashion as it is expressed. It can provide a little momentum to bring about the collective aesthetic–sociocultural meanings and values of fashion in the current society that is formed around the digital network.