Forgotten by heart I read as I watch two lines that will never merge; I turn to right to see others words: Forgotten by memory they say on a red canvas.

I smile: A Hundred Years From Now at Palazzo Reale in Milan (4.7.2017-24.9.2017) is a retrospective of Vincenzo Agnetti’s works, the visionary artist and poet that made words something to paint and make art.

As you enter, a poem says about Time and Space and their governement above humans; these two concepts are the base of Agnetti’s art: he used some cartesian plans to represent the power of Time and Space and how they’re linked or divided. In a work, he says that Time is conquerer of spaces that means how only history and past can have power among humans and their civilisation.

In fact, the all exhibition reminds me of an Agnetti’s dystopia: Time and Space are the emperor and people are only memories and experiences that repeats themselves, returning to origins (how Biblical references said or some of his abstract drawings of flowers and stars) of nature and rocky paintings.

Words are the soldiers of this future vision: they lose meaning, mixing togheter in new forms like oxymorons and wordplays on several different colored canvas.

Some drawings are about maths formulas of our future, regarding the matter of time to give meaning to things and events or about the importance of memory and knowing history and our roots. Repetition is also something that regards this brave new world.

A new world where people clone themselves with the use of words, never losing their memories, the only thing that, for Agnetti, made us humans and alive.

An article by Andrea Collins