FIRST STEP, cover the mirrors and a bit of my heart,
pull the trigger and I am fully charged.
Don’t be wary, don’t be afraid –
I am going to invade your veins. 

SECOND STEP, light the candles and close your eyes,
a full blackout will may keep you paralyzed. 
Tears for fear is all you got,
 sleeping with a pleasure as hell hot. 

THIRD STEP, dirty poetry will lead your route 
but be careful, some notes could get you hurt.
Nostalgic love, my heroine ode –
You are the song nobody has heard.

FOURTH STEP, forgive and forget the pain –
Pardon will drag you sane.
Words and lies can keep you alive
but love is my secret to keep you high. 

FINAL STEP, Use me and inject me,
And make me yours. 
Let me be the one missing rose 
into your burning heaven on earth.