“L’origine del mondo. Erotismo e seduzione nella photo trouvée”
@ Triennale Milano, 15th November – 17th December

It’s uncommon to find an erotic exhibition in Italy: we’re all afraid of sex, of what it means to us, of intimacy and real desire, so it is with big curiosity that I approached this unusual photographic exhibition.
It started all with a kiss may The Killers say and that’s exactly how it went: two teenagers kissed and one fell from a bike. This girl showed her pubescent vagina to her lover and he took a picture.

And that’s where this exhibition starts: a little girl showing her V-thing to our malicious look.
All the pictures are an invitation to look as a vouyer, as we are spying between curtains and peepholes – there are several real ones where you can see fourteen different close-up of old women’s vaginas, the hairy one that made you think of old porno.
Photographies are divided by kinks: there are naked woman in lust poses with pearls, others in heels, others in leather, long hair, stockings and so on.

I appreciated a lot the choice: it shows the freedom of women’s body in an era where her sexuality and liberty where judged and castrated. Not only they show to us their legs or pubes, but also their fetishes. And that’s a beautiful thing.
The all exhibition is a feminist one, the real feminism: the one about liberating the concept of women’s body from what society tells us everyday, the one about the real sexuality of women and the one about the real origin of the world, as Courbet would agree: vaginas, the V that changes all.