You were red with love

but black I was made of.

Your presence, your glance, your eyes –

I am stuck paralyzed.

I kissed a thousand chests, to finally found you there

starring, breathing, living;

I lived winter days during summer rays

and I blessed the light after every single night.

You’re surreal

sleeping in my bed,

slowly kissing my neck.

You were beautifully red with love

but suddenly black I was no more.

The fifty shades of grey

got into defined colors

and I was white,

I was blue

and I was shiny red,

-all at the same time.

Your hands on my body were violet,

your honest eyes were heaven made

and your lips, your lips are the guns between all the roses.

You were so red with love

and then red I got too:

You changed my life from black and white to la vie en rose.

Artwork by Kate Macdowell