In Oneg our aim is finding what the new underground creativity is about before it comes to the surface of the mainstream, and gets polluted by consumerism. This time we approach Tango, an old movement which some of its origins might be unknown to the most who know its mainstream face, but which is now trying to make a political statement against discrimination in the russia of the “anti gay law”.

Tango´s place of birth was indeed the brothels in the“arrabales” south Argentina born, between 1890´s and 1910´s . But different to its nowadays nostalgia, it was danced by immigrant workers of rural areas, so called “lunfardos”. Homosexual men clearly fluid in there gender identity but still married with “la mina”, real strong females who agreed to this convenience match. This cruel reality of early industrialism and social segregation gave tango its characteristics melancholic tone.

“The tango is a duel for dominance. Partner against partner, man against woman, machismo leading female, using weapons and lures of sexuality.”

— Gretchen Elizabeth Smith, The History of the Tango.[1]

So was exported to Europe to conquer the world by the 20´s but as many underground movements who become mainstream, some of its rules were alternated and its origins forgotten. Maybe that was the price it had to pay to be accepted by the anarchy of the Argentina of the industrialists, and eventually come forward to the world.

A “three minutes affair” (concept no rare in the times of tinder), took a spin that for most would be new, but without knowing is paying homage to its founding fathers.

This movement caught the attention of Russian cineast and queer person Aleksandr M. Vinogradov during the Berlin festival back in 2014. “As a Russian identifying as queer, I am fully aware of the rigid policies my country imposes on its LGBT population”. This project is Aleksandr´s way of processing his own perspectives over the policies against gender freedom in Russia.

This film documents the struggle of Misha and Otar, while trying to bring the queer tango festival to Saint Petersburg. To show another image of Russia to the World. Together with supporters from in Berlin and Paris this multicultural move intends to reach out to restrictive Russia. But as every artist know , vision and reality must comes to terms with budget .

So this is our call to anyone would be in the capability and interest to support this project, to make a a difference where society still tries to repress human beings.

You can find all the information here :

An article by Ferdi Montenegro