In a lazy Sunday afternoon, Oneg magazine decided to come to say ‘hi’ to one of its old friend Silvia Di Gregorio, so we took a walk into her Margarina world and we fucking got lost: the music was good but the girls were better.

What and who is Margarina?

Margarina is the poor ingredient used to bake cakes, the one used by our grand-mums, so if I have to translate it into concreteness Margarina is what we can do in order to have a return to an old school matriarchal view of the women, making brand new researches, creating a genderless organ where it is ‘normal’ to have a female DJ playing in a ‘male’ context.

How did you create this realness and how did people reach to it?

The most heard sentence is “oh cool, another girl who is making the same old feminist propaganda” but this is not what we are doing. On the other way round, we had a good feedback because a lot of people reached definitely good getting the point and getting into our world. And as I said before, the point was creating a collective where everything worked together coherently because of our talents and not because of our genders.

What do you think about Feminism 2.0?

I think that feminism 2.0 (our everyday feminism) is something that has to be necessary in our everyday life even though it can seem to be a little bit too ‘Nazi’ because of extremism. But after what recently happened in the movie business, it is clear that our society is not that equal sometimes.

Some people could see this vision of Feminism a little bit too ghettoized, what would you reply to that?

In Margarina case, it is important to underline that our purpose is make a HQ (high quality) art forgetting our gender because it is not something so important in our route. It could sound “ghettoized” if we would have worked backwards, forgetting our art in order to celebrate our gender.

Being a woman could get you in trouble sometimes, have you ever been “bullied” in your work?

Yes, it happens a lot actually because we live in a men’s world where women potential is darkened. Personally talking, it happened that I have been labeled as a woman and not as an artist in the movie business where I work. Sometimes they do not even give attention to what they say, they are like “you are here for a reason and not because of your competences” or “come on, you don’t know anything about that”.