Summer is finishing, but us, Oneg staff, won’t give up about this beautiful season: the sun still rise above perfect clear skies, summer crushes burn our skin and the taste of mojitos and sangria still fullfill our mouths.

So, here, my personal advices about summer readings.

Because summer will be over, but not what we make about ourselves.

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Three summers ago, I was bearing with a huge break-up that made myself cry in pain; in my library, there was this book from my mother, something I would never read – I had a prejudice about Coelho’s books, defining them for middle age-in-crisis women – but at that time the cover blinked in my way and so I run to the beach and let myself live the journey of Santiago like was mine.

This is a book about changing perspectives, about what we are – in the profound way of thinking – what we want and what we will be. This is a spiritual book, something that will change your view of the world at the end of the last page: Santiago is in every soul of this beautiful world, and you can be himself too. Because everyone lives a journey that we don’t know. So be kind and enjoy summer like the season it has to be: a season full of change and happiness.

We were liars – Emily Lockhart

Summer is about reading that you start in the morning lying on a towel near the sea and you find yourself looking at the night sky while finishing a thrilling and compelling book: this is the case. We were liars is that kind of book you will not be able to stop thinking about, the perfect summer read: the main characters live the summer of their lives, season that will change them forever, especially because a mistery is covering all the island where they are passing their vacation…

Perfect for turning pages after pages forgetting problems, the heat of August and that noisey kid of your neighbourhood that can’t stop making noise. At least, you’ll made an holiday in an island.

The unbearable lightness of being – Milan Kundera

Last summer, I was feeling blue, isolated and without a purpose in my life, not knowing what I will do with my degree. Then, there was this book I couldn’t stop thinking about: this is the case of Kundera and his masterpiece, The unbearable lightness of being. Tomas, Tereza and Sabina are the perfect summa of all human imperfections and virtues: we are in this book. Everyone can find himself in this book, a novel that has the power of a panacea for every kind of illness or doubt about what we are or what we’ll do. I can’t say other words: Kundera surname fullfill my mouth yet and it’s a perfect reason for reading this story. Go ahead and buy this book in your nearest library. You’ll thank me later.

Class trip – Emmanuel Carrère

There are books that can make you shiver while making you forget about the world around you. Carrère, with his beautiful style, make us live the horroryfing trip of Nicholas and his classmates; instead of a mistery or spy story – like his Limonov – the author set this short novel in a little chalet between the mountains with the main character, the little Nicholas, that is scared and anxious about staying with the others without his backpack, because his father forgot it. I can’t tell you more: you have to read it to understand why I’m talking about horror. The plot twist it’s guaranteed. For the ones who want to shiver even if it’s August.

I’m not scared – Niccolò Ammaniti

Yes, exactly: I’m talking about an italian author, a magister in our contemporary fiction. Ammaniti wrote this book many years ago but it’s still haunting me: the tale of Michele and the disappear of another kid is the most beautiful and dramatic story you’ll find about childhood and summer that can change lives forever. This is a beautiful and perfectly written formation novel: you grow up with Michele and his devastating end of summer and childhood.

Maestra – Lisa Hilton

Thriller genre is the perfect choice for summer: it makes you colder and stole your attention for many hours of the day, not making you think about problems. Maestra is the perfect summer choice: about vacations, holidays in Capri or expensive places, yachts, parties, fashion – a lot of fashion and glamour – and gallons of blood and sex. The main character is a real bitch, someone you won’t be able to bear in real life – but someone you’ll be attracted to, if she’ll be in front of your poor soul.

Read it. It is a must have for summer readings.