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The Empress is the third Major Arcana card in most tarot decks.

The Empress stands for a point of reference against the human chaos and the world disorder. This supreme shines a clear light of knowledge not only for tarot readers but also for every mortal who lost himself.

According to a christian interpretation she is the same of the Virgin Mary, in contrast to the pagan tradition that identifies this royal woman with Venus, born from the froth of the sea.

First of all, the power of the empress is revealed by her position. She’s seated on a throne with a feet put on the half-moon. The half-moon is a clear symbol of the sublunary world’s submission to this figure. We can say that this position shows wisdom and self-consciousness, taking position against the Moon, the 18th tarot card. If the Moon diffuses an unclear light like the confusing human thoughts, the reign of the Empress is the dimension of archetypes and ideal forms, where everything is possible.

Her elegance is one of this archetypes. She is represented like a blond woman wearing a crown and a blue dress.

Twelve stars (like the twelve signs of the Zodiac) gravitate around her face, but only nine of them are visible. Like the Virgin of the Zodiac, the Empress is winged for the reason that she’s the queen of heaven. 

The scepter held in the left hand is a sign of domination and control of spiritual paradigms. The other hand holds a blazon with an eagle, the symbol of a purified soul. 

Another mark of grace and elegance is the lilium. This flower means purity but is also the symbol of royalty. It remains unclear where it originated, but the fleur-de-lys has retained an association with French nobility since the Middle Ages.

In the end, the description we made helps to catch the meaning of this card. In general the Empress is a young female figure but in detail we perceive a positive influence, the energy of the soul, the creativity of the mind and self-realization.

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