If you are looking for fairies, you are in the right place but if you are looking for devils, well, you are still in the right place.
Today we are going to interview one of the most disputed visual artist of Milan: Gian Marco Battistini.
A pretty face matching with a pixie imagination and the results are something more interesting than what you could ever think.

Your Instagram profile is one of the coolest at the moment, we can see cruel reality kissing baby-pink pretense. What role does “surreal” have in what you do?

Virtual reality, body, sexuality, gender and age are fluid in my point of view, and I probably use surrealism as an instrument to combine them together.

What inspires you the most?

I would say Italian Mannerism and cursed images on the web.


Wings, elf hears and nudity: What are the rules and the features of your world?

We can change our bodies in every way possible in 2018, we already know.
I create fairies and angels in order to give the idea of a new human being able to amplify its body, its mind and its senses. Fairy tales’ dimension helps me to imagine my digital world where there are actually no rules, but humans with magical skills and superpowers.

Describe your works with a sentence.

Faith, trust and pixie dust.


What kind of relationship do you have with real life?

Well, I do not think I am much different from the others, I just think about this digital and social era a lot: I wake up, I have breakfast and in the meantime I check social-medias, don’t you? I mean, everyday I feel the connection between the real and the digital world, being aware is just a way of feeling the trauma of becoming a cyborg.

How do you think people react to your “alternative” point of view? Do they fit in or are they scared of it?

I could probably appear “scary” but I think I could also make people laugh.
Honestly, I am not interested in trying to impose my vision into people, I think it is more interesting when some sort of reaction just happens and in a certain way the work becomes theirs.