“Eight” is the first spectacle from company U_Nited entirely choreographed by Ivan Spinella with the production of Moma Studios (specifically Pietro Folio). The pièce, using dance and its techniques as a new form of language, will space in several topical themes like homosexuality, gender identity, combining past and future to create our present.
In Milan theater from 2 December.

What was the main inspiration for this project?

Working in a room with men and only between men has created complicity, a kind of feeling and intimacy; one day in the rehearsal room this thing shocked me, making me think of how I could continue with these eight men who, even if they are young, they are men in every sense of the word. So, routine after routine, they put together pieces and a group was about to born, a company: U_Nited.

You talk, in the Facebook page, about “the journey of a man from a past to an imaginary future”: is it important to know our past to look forward to who will we be? Is there any chance to create future without knowing our past?

It can certainly be a chance to create a future without knowing the past, but it would be a powerless tomorrow, at least not as to who made mistakes and lived situations that formed the person who is now in the present.

You also talk about the importance of being united (since is also your name as a group) in a society where individualism is the main theme of our lives. Why do you think a unit is more stimulating rather than being alone?

Assuming that I’m not afraid to loneliness, the group is called U_Nited by virtue of the union between men who want to achieve one dream or even more if it’s possibile. I’m Ivan, I’m both choreographer and artistic director, but after all I’m a person, a man who will always be there for the group. I think that being a group make us stronger, the union actually makes the force, a group is like an army or a football team. I do not think that being in the group is more stimulating than being alone, I think there are moments where you have to be together and others where to stay with yourself can help you to understand what you have to give to your group!

A unit, by far, can be seen as a neutral stand alone creature, without gender and definitions. What kind of importance gender has in a world as dancing?

In dancing, between man and woman. A few years ago, the male dancer was definitely categorized as gay or feminine; nowadays, you don’t hear things like this anymore. Dance is genderless, but is simply a universal language

Is dancing a real way to express themselves without gender stereotypes? Can every kind of body express in the same way emotions through ballet?

Dance can do many things: divide and unite, To make you love or hate someone; dance is expression, a way of life, exactly that: Life. So yes, every single body can express emotions during a performance. This is one of the most beautiful things in dancing: I love to get excited while watching others dancing, I think there are few comparable emotions with it …

Will it be possible to merge the female and male dance world, instead of separates them with genres definitions?

The dancing world is already united, it has no gender division: it is neither masculine or feminine, it is dance and as such to all those who love it. It’s not a job, even if in a kind of way it is, but I think the word passion is more appropriate to this wonderful discipline.