Since many years ago, we have been conscious about the important role internet plays in our lives. First, computers made their way into our homes and now cellphones have turned into an essential accessory. We all know that person who always has their phone in hands, as if it were glued to them, maybe that person is you. Always informed, always updated, always sharing.

The meaning of sharing has changed in the last couple of years. A day at the beach is not the same without sharing a picture of the sunset or, worst case, a picture of our legs in a comfortable beach chair. Gym time feels like nothing without uploading a picture in front of the mirror. Seems like moments are not real without posting them. We have shared tons of megabytes but how many of those moments have been truly lived?

Social media has turned into a modern diary but not a secret one as we used to have. We share our lives through these channels to fulfill our ego; reaching likes to feel accepted in a digital world we built up with appearance as the key. I dare to ask you: How many likes did you reach in the last pictures you posted of you? I’m sure it felt great to get all those thumbs up.

We are getting used to show love just by clicking a heart icon, but recently, how many times are we showing love in real life? The digital journey has just begun; to not getting consumed by it and to know when to get unplugged is the important thing.

An article by Federico Garza