Lust can be a powerful feeling: all senses increases their power and emotions turn out of our control.

What if Lust was a place? What if it is a place to fulfill your desires, fantasies, to lose yourself into senses, enriched by music, love and passion?

In the centre of Lisbon, on a street pink-painted, you will find a place made for sinners. Pensão Amor (Love Inn), named after the bohemian history of that part of the city, It’s an old brothel transformed into a club. But not just any club in the way you might acknowledge the concept. Yes, there is music and drinks, yet so much more.

In the old times Madame Valentina opened doors every day at 12 o’clock so sailors could come here to find company for their lonely hearts in the arms of her girls. Now, people come here to relax themselves into the arms of desire and lust.

As you walk in you will face an old staircase with very worn steps and walls completely covered in graffiti portraying them, followed for many rooms and every single one has a different décor exhaling an old burlesque vibe.

On the first floor you will find at your right the dancefloor, where the Dj keeps on playing every night of the week and people from all over the world gathers to enjoy the music under the deer head after the many shows they host, like burlesque shows or pole dance surprise presentations, concerts and so on.

I also must tell you about the delicious cocktails… Just try one from their special selection inspired by the girls and if you like go sit on an old chair or sofa in the decadent red room with chandeliers next to the inside bar to enjoy it.

Or if you rather be outside, there is another bar in the balcony perfect for long talks between cigarettes while having a sip.

To the left, there are more rooms to explore, like a pole dance room with a leopard printed sofa for the ones who prefer to watch or the open pole for the ones those who dare.

Next to it, the “mystical room” with its furry walls and a fortune-teller, which could change between tarot, face reading or palm reading.

Then another surprise, the library; I saw you wondering “why is a library inside a bar”? It’s an Erotic Library, where you can find erotic novels or old magazines and pretty much all kinds of erotic publications. Lust, first of all, comes from words, and the owners of Pensao Amor know it well.

And last but for sure not the least the Sex Shop, for the really daring ones. From sexy lingerie to sex toys, just gave in to lust and buy a massage oil, a sexy game or any other interesting thing like pearl handcuffs set to spoil yourself or surprise your partner.

As if it wasn’t enough, Pensão Amor have more activities happening on the second floor during the day as the pole dance classes and workshops.

Sex Shop: Purple Rose –

Library: Ler Devagar

Cocktails: A Chinesa (The Chinese)

Pensão Amor:

Article and pictures by Inês Corrêa Mendes