I have always been able to smile even in the hard times; the fashion industry is able to offer you a mix of hard and difficult times and incredible experiences at the same time. You know, I’m basically new in this world but i have had the chance to experience awesome things and meet interesting people… here the first examples that came to my mind: the random photographer outside a fashion show that gave me an invitation to the next Moncler’s runway just because he thought I was a nice person, the one in front of your desk, the weird person of last night party or even the crazy girl outside a fashion show, who as me, is willing to be inside.


Through this letter I just want to encourage you to follow your dreams and never give up, Did you fail? keep trying! Do you think is a mistake and you want to change everything? It’s ok too! Do never pay attention to what other people say… Oh wait. Let’s open a parenthesis in here “WHAT – OTHER – PEOPLE – SAY”, seems like is our destiny to live in a society full of judgements. We have to stop looking for the reason of what our neighbor just did, we are human beings, we have to accept everyone as they are and never judge their actions.


The beauty of being humans is to be different from each other, to go against the rules, to look and think different no matter what they say. When you are closer to what you have always desire you are more in touch with who you truly are. Parenthesis closed.


Let’s go back to the point. People say fashion world is difficult, and to be honest to get in is not that easy. I have been interviewed by Versace, Gucci and Moschino and got the bad news: “It was a pleasure meeting you but we have chosen another person” hard words for someone who is looking for a chance.


Also they say you will find bad and egocentric people and you will be treated bad; well, let me tell you is a bit true but is the reality of almost every work field, you will always find people lost in their ego, people that believes you are inferior and feeling talented like touched by the hand of god. The important thing in here is to never lose your path and go for what you have always desire. Don’t be afraid and go for it. There will be thousand people more talented than you out there… i just wanted to warn you, so never loose your essence, be humble and show to world what you got.