If I had to describe my expectations in life with one word, it would be „Youth“.

First, I don‘t think this word is bound to an age, it‘s just a way of how to live and enjoy your life.

It‘s to find or create special moments every day.

I‘m not talking about being on a festival or road trip any given time, it originates in smaller things. It can be just hanging out with my friends, or discovering a new song that awakes the desire to dance in my room, like no one is watching. Going on a run in my hometown, seeing the sunlight blazing through the leaves and reminiscing childhood memories. Dancing in a dark club in the middle of the night and being attracted to a stranger. Someone that helps me to forget the things that trouble me, just for a small amount of time. Finding love and loosing it. Trying to be spontaneous in a very structured life. Exploring new places and being flashed,

by all the opportunities life offers.

Don‘t get me wrong, I have a lot of expectations for my life.

I know which job I want to have in the future. I see myself with my own family one day. Hoping to have my family and friends by my side

for as long as possible.

On the opposite I have dreams.

The unreal stuff I hope to happen some day. Being an artist and inspiring people to follow their dreams like I try to. Finding the love of my life.

It doesn‘t have to be forever,

I just want to get to know this feeling and enjoy it.

I have the urge to discover and evolve and it drives me mad,

when everything stagnates to much.

That‘s the most difficult, but also best part of life for me.

It‘s a journey and I can decide on my own,

what I‘m gonna do with this gift.

I don‘t really know where I‘m gonna end up in life some day, but this feeling is, what keeps me thrilled.

Being able to wake up every morning and living into the day.

Just enjoying my youth.