The three adjectives that better describe the aesthetic of your creations:

Loud, strong and introspective

In your style is easy to see this strong synergy between fashion and art. How much has art influenced your journey?

Art has always made part of my life; even as a child I was always fascinated by the art world. For me it doesn’t exist a difference between fashion and art, furthermore I don’t think one can exclude the other, my artistic development started as an intervention straight on the garment exactly as if i would lay my hands on the fabric, as a matter of fact I paint on the fabric creating the prints based on the concept of the works created by myself. 

Art becomes a way of communication, specially because of the forms I reuse in the collections I take inspirations from the work of Picasso and the German expressionists; art hasn’t only influenced my formative journey but my life contemporaneously, nowadays I would not be nearly anything without my paintings,honestly painting has literally saved my reality giving me identity and individuality, allowing me to experiment indescribable but indelible emotions.

My daily painting was concretely the first true and sincere thing I had ever done, it was an obsessive need that I satisfied with absolute ignorance and unawareness.
The only thing that really interested me initially was to be able to vent, to be guided by my unconscious instinct and, at the end, I had as a result “big coloured faces with tormented expressions”, consistent to my once troubled stroke, that now kisses the canvas in a more controlled and conscious way
Initially I saw this as a divine punishment, for me it was unacceptable to be able to just express myself through  “these big faces” but then I realised that those great figures from the strong and strident colours were and are part of my completeness, I would have never arrived at the results of today if I had not faced those bizarre figures in resonant colours, which strangely allowed me to feel less alone.

The expression of yourself is already clear from the name of the collection “Oh Carla!”. How important is to express your “I” in your creations?

For me it is very important to express myself in completeness for who I am  – for better or for worse – have never been able to exclude my essence from my collections because they are basically a very empathetic and melancholic girl. When i take inspiration for what I create I try always to penetrate and become the thing itself. Falling in love profusely with the message that I want to send sometimes frustrates me because to be aware of oneself or getting involved for that is something very risky.

It has happened to be hurt or that my user called me out as “weird” or “crazy” but it is because of these words that today live peacefully my art, these words have become my strength. I’m happy to be different from those who criticize me.

Tell us about the creative process of this collection. How would you describe it?

This collection focuses entirely on the introspective path that in these three years of study, away from those who were my little certainties, brought me to my present-day perception and vision of fashion.

The idea of ​​this work began in my room, which I consider a mother’s womb, the place where the genesis of my world began, the square meters that make me feel protected, and that have allowed me to start to paint.

Initially I stopped on my wardrobe, I began to cough up more identifiers clothes… those with whom I feel to be myself, as my “gonnellona”, ​​my body lace handed down from my mother or my jumpsuit, I began to wonder why precisely those clothes were able to give me such confidence and inspiration; starting from this primordial and hesitating question, I have come to a greater awareness of myself, getting almost to an acceptance of me being what I am, without getting a concrete answer.

This collection aims to represent a young woman, who is born of the utopic artistic embrace of the 4 cities mentioned above, who had decided to find and test herself, a woman who is no longer scared of being who she is, finally aware of being in the world and of having still a long road ahead, an evolving woman who is aware she still has a lot to learn but who will always remain true to her colourful and confused spirit that tightens selfishly between the layers of her skin.

Which are the artist you use as reference?

I can define as my inspiring muses female courageous figures that helped me structure this work. On first instance I cannot quote Frida Kahlo a martire of love, Marquese Luisa Casati the helpless futurist muse, Peggy Guggenheim famous art collector and Iris Apfel  a contemporary entrepreneur .


Which are your future projects?

what plans do I have for future projects? It is a good question (smiles)

My dream would be to start a brand from Zero, obviously I want something totally mine, but I am aware and conscious of the precarious of my dream.

For now I will continue painting and participate in art courses. I am trading to built up experience with the goal of arriving to something totally mine.