Silk, satin, spandex and velour: fabrics mostly related to the feminine world are taken further. Shapes defying the conventional stereotypes. Oil by Olive is a fashion brand based in Berlin, still young but with a strong vision, this brand is taking big strides in the fashion world with clothes designed for both men and women that are aware of the collapsing predefined roles.

Minimalism is a key in each collection, clean and simple cuts are aimed to contour the sketch. Harmonious and peaceful colors offering a message of freedom and expression to conclude the composition.

“The designs encourage a redefinition and experimentation of identity” is part of the manifesto of the brand and Olive Brown, its creator, has built up an atmosphere where the genderless is not an option but a must. She offers her own vision to the world where masculine and feminine can be mixed, can coexist and be hosted in the same body.

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An article by Federico Garza