Greta Boldini was founded in Rome in 2011 and has used an Italian approach to its craftsmanship to create clothing that somehow manages to be both tongue-in-cheek and elegant. The designs marry culture and emotions to create pieces that become the definition of new couture.

The maison was founded by Alexander Flagella and Michela Musco and Flagella remains the creative director in 2018 despite the parting of ways of the two co-founders. Flagella carries the creative torch forward and the brand has continued to grow.

There is an interesting balance of clean lines and whimsey in the designs appear to transcend gendered norms and the designs certainly do not shy away from using colour, which ebbs and flows in its use from one season to the next. The designs also hint at all things retro and this creates a nostalgic romance to which one cannot help but be attracted.

Greta Garbo and Giovanni Boldini set the tone for the Maison as its name sakes. Garbo became iconic in her easy to wear and androgynous pieces that still captured the romantic in their lines and flow. Boldini’s works in their soft focus, the movement and the elongated subjects are reflected in the Greta Boldini designs as is the ever present sophistication.

There is a nod, through the designs, towards tradition which sets the context for the inflections of the modern. This tradition comes through authentically as the pieces are made in Italy with Italian craftsmanship showing in the details that act as a period at the end of emotive pros. At times the designs seem ethereal but there is a boldness to them that throws this description off. A perfect marriage of soft and hard. An intertwining of gentle and bold. This clever combination manages to avoid having the designs become confusing by using a clearly defined motif that is always apparent.

The classic designs and impeccable craftsmanship promise to carry the maison forward as the brand continues to gain greater success.