With these few lines, we will try to sum up for you the “Me Dic Al” dictionary with its creator, a young designer made in Germany. Open your mouth because it’s time for some fashion pills.

‘Me Dic al’ is such an interesting word, can you explain us why you decided to baptize your brand with this word?

The meaning behind “Me Dic Al” is basically that making clothes is like medicine to me. Before launching this brand, I worked for a different company but after a while I quit the job, I wanted to stop designing at all. After some time, I started designing again and realized that it made me feel better and that it is what made me the happiest. But also, “Me Dic Al” stands for “Me – dick – everybody”, which I thought was funny and quite fitting since I make everything myself.

As we may know the world is changing, exactly as the fashion is. Street style and niche visuals are the new thing. What are your predictions for fashion progress?

Well, it is hard to say or even to explain. But I guess that probably some revivals of older fashion times and stuff nobody expects to see.

Let’s focus a bit about the context, where are you from and how does “your place” influence your products?

I am from Germany; I live in a city which is quite boring and I am not much into going on, these situations let me using the internet more. So most of my influences are from the internet and movies.

What are the features that inspired your last collections?

Future, racing and streetstyle. I usually just ask myself what people would wear in ten years while they are chilling in their space capsule.

Conclude this interview with a sentence you want our readers to remember you with.

The future is now *laughs*

Instagram Medical: https://www.instagram.com/me_dic_al/

An interview by Stefano Riva