During the last Milan Fashion Week the brand BAV TAiLOR was chosen by Camera Moda to be part of the Fashion Hub at the Unicredit Pavilion, was there where I personally met the creative mind behind this brand that stands for a commitment with our environment using natural fabrics as well as certified eco-sustainable materials.

BAV TAiLOR is a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) and is a clear example of innovation and craftsmanship that can teach us luxury can coexists with sustainability. Definitely a conscious visionary I couldn’t wait to interview to know more about her mission and predictions.

How Bav Tailor was born as a brand and what is your mission in the fashion industry?

I am Bav Tailor, the founder and conscious creative of my eponymous brand. Born in London, Indian by origin, a nomad in spirit, my family upbringing and travels have steered me to reside in continents amidst all creeds and cultures, from London, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand to Italy, providing me with an innate sensibility towards humanity – a humanitarian. My brand upholds the tradition of my Grandfathers, who were great Sartorialists – one Grandfather had his own respectfully owned atelier. My surname Tailor stems from a long-line of ancestor’s who were Tailor’s originating from the region of Surat in Gujarat, India.

I launched a Sustainable Luxury Women’s Clothing Brand in 2015. The philosophy goes beyond fashion through the 360° Sustainability Manifesto by minimizing the ecological footprint of the brand in materials, production, social and environmental responsibility. The brand is a positive movement towards communicating that luxury can be created in a sustainable way. The product remains timeless with the concept of ‘slow fashion’.

My mantra ‘respect your body + your sphere’ – meaning respect your body with the fabrics that allow comfort and breathability to the skin, with the knowledge that the each BAV TAiLOR piece is created in a sustainable way to improve the planet for the next generation. No humans or animals are harmed for the creation of any BAV TAiLOR piece.

The colors of the collection suddenly caught my attention when I saw it, it gives a feeling of calm and connection with our environment. Can you tell us a bit more about the collection?

The wellness healing colour palette remains an exploration of crystal healing and earth tones fused into natural and researched materials that remain in symmetry with a sober, and balanced way of thinking.

The BAV TAiLOR brand colours white moon and blue tourmaline reflect the vision for a clear mind & ability to communicate, fearless; a balance of one’s own positive & negative energies, internal light penetration to the chakras, and master one’s entire self.

The new crystal energy nuances for the SS18 collection enrich the colour palette of white moon for clarity and connection, submersed with aquamarine for expression and knowledge and malachite green to invoke an aura of renewal, growth and purification, amalgamated with hints of angelite grey for soulful healing and protection.

Each BAV TAiLOR colour reflects the vision to empower energy to the bearer of each piece that honours the Body + Mente + Atma.

Certified sustainable fabrics and another uncommon materials (as the recycled wolffish skin) have been implemented in your creations. Can you tell us how is the selection process and how important the materials are to culminate every piece you envision?

The design process commences from the materials which I source from certified premium suppliers who in some manner are taking steps towards minimising their ecological footprint, and who are gracious in their efforts to help sustain my brand.

The brand endeavours to showcase new innovative sustainable alternative materials to communicate clearly that luxury can be produced with a clear conscience.

From the materials flows the inspiration for each design from travels, different cultures, everyday people on the street and my family and loved ones, who are the reason why my brand continues to blossom.

Design, quality and consciousness aimed to the sustainability are definitely a great mix for your brand. What are the characteristics of the women that choose Bav Tailor?

The brand is dedicated to the Existentialist, a free-spirited Woman determined byher independently authentic choices and actions which constitute her accomplishments and inner existence.

She is a non-conformist – self-healer – worldly traveller – conossieur of art & design.

A style creator, not a follower.

This month we have selected artists and designers with a forward-looking perspective. Do you have any prediction for the upcoming years in the fashion industry?

Promising towards sustainability → the ‘Provenance’ of a brand is becoming more sought especially among millennials – they want story telling, the heritage, recycled fabrics, innovations, upcycling – the Rana Plaza Catastrophe and documentaries such as The True cost have shed light to the industry and the effects consumerism is creating.

International brands are taking a stand and pledging towards a more sustainable footprint. This is the current trend which in 30 years will become an industry standard.

Instagram: BAV TAiLOR

An interview by Federico Garza