The Past Future got conjugated by the fashion brand Ricostru at its latest fashion show in Milan presenting the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Models would seemed to descend from an alternative realness where the streetwear shows its predilection facing a futuristic trend. A fresh model look was going to be consistent mixed with a minimal aesthetic covering the bodies reinforced by fluid fabrics giving a feeling of softened silhouettes.

SILVER – Equilibrium

Ricostru was founded by Riko Manchit Au, a borned chinese but formed milanese fashion designer. The origin of brand’s name is in Italian (ricostruzione) and its meaning is reconstruction, concept that defines the philosophy of the creative team in relation to the ideas of the developing process of every garment and also to the individual awareness towards the power of construction.

WHITE – Positivity

The persistent philosophy of every garment complements the comfortable touch yet rich in detail, ordinary yet sophisticated to spread the feeling of balance and positivity to the world. The timeless style presented a fresh, simple and elegant look and sophisticated taste to it with an emphasis on detail, tailoring and quality. In past interviews, the designer have affirmed her inspiration comes mostly from stories in her mind related to the nature – “It can be a feeling, a melody, a word, and so on. I like to use my imagination to build the body of the story, to imagine the atmospheres, the colors and the textures to develop the concept of my creations “.

GOLD – Abundance

And, this time the edgy/avant-garde style couldn’t be missing, the identity of the brand is emphasized by a sexy allure and the characteristic minimal touch. The main key to get it clear are transparencies, tiny tops and unstructured silhouette giving the freedom to the body aimed to metallic fabrics playing around with some pale colors. Nevertheless and following the “New Year auguries from fashion” series – Equilibrium, positivity and abundance- are three wishes right from Ricostru’s catwalk, another brand that have special wishes for you to start the year with the right foot.