If I have to think about an Elysium on earth, Sandra Mansour and her heavenly style would come to my mind with no doubt. This time I present to you a fashion designer with an aesthetic sensibility capable to capture your soul and have you trapped with a spell in loop in a sublime world where beauty shows it ethereal charm. 

Sandra brings the meticulous Swiss elegance in her blood and the a Lebanese passion stays firm in her roots. Her first true contact with fine arts was during her studies at Beaux Arts in Geneva, where she found the chance to break free her creativity from a pale world. A world of colors, movements and creativity is what she found– “I found myself in a world of beauty, where everyone was speaking the same language. The language of Art”. 

The homonymous brand is established in Beirut where she decided to found her first big project after being a former trainee side by side with Elie Saab in which she received first-hand experience with fabrics, textiles, embroidery, prints and cuts. “It was a real revelation for me. I could finally mix drawing and creating, give life to the matter. I played around with it by mixing embroidery, prints and multiple textiles. I found my very own alphabet”
Her latest creations belong to the A/W 18 collection named “Auroral Savanna” and its a clear enactment of a sophisticated femininity portrayed with fluid silhouettes mixed with transparency and modern embroidery, elements that translate the brand identity and Sandra’s philosophy when she mention “Mine is a world where contemporary elegance meets simplicity”. 

The brand has made it wisely in the fashion industry by being able to contribute to the system with two product lines. Nowadays, the Bridal and Ready to wear collections are presented twice a year during Paris Fashion Week, the fashion capital that fits the better with the uniqueness and romanticism of madame Mansour.