Green has a new fashion moment and it will be the next year color of elegance

Trying not to hide behind a tree, we just say we all know that sustainability will be a next key trend in fashion.
Actually, it is the trend! Right now!
It is such a trend that is almost going to be replaced with something new, or with an evolution of the theme itself.
Sustainability is obviously a social matter and something that involves all the fashion community.
It is very important to underline that sustainability is not only about the future of clothes, how they are distributed and how people will throw them away once they do not need them anymore. The concept is much more around the process to make apparel and the waste that it creates.

When fashion touches the social sphere, it always takes that particular taste of less quality, less design and less elegance. 
Luckily many institutions have lately supported sustainable fashion projects, aiming to a long term change of the whole textile production.

Also, the brands that have started the green journey had a clever approach to marketing: in most of these cases, sustainability is not the unique selling point or a lure for buyers.
The goal intention is to preserve the environment and to have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint.
The buying process is definitely changed thanks to technology, but the trend is still settled from the catwalks of the highest brands which everybody keeps the eye on. 

As consumers, we all can be involved in the process with a different approach to shops. The revolution is massive and it has been going on since a long time, but it was previously called vintage trend. 

Countless stores now offer the second hand and the swap solution. Digital initiatives are also at their best, since they all have created a system to earn money by selling used clothes.
Next goal is spreading locally that this practice is not cheap, in the worse meaning it is used to be defined.
What must be changed, told and spread with images and videos, is the industry diligence in the making of what we find in our favorite shop or e-commerce. 

Fashion system has probably the biggest responsibility in this sense, to act and be the example. 
The industry is rich and various, there are so many political buttons in the argument we do not want to push, but the important point is that sustainable fashion is having its best moment, going from a simple test of reproducing haute couture garments, to being a new plus of a collection.

Going green is nowadays a definition of social commitment, creative motivation and elegance. Brands have the opportunity to renew their proposals or create second lines. Local productions also have a new value: garment transport puts out a huge amount of C02, which can be reduced by minimizing the distances during production. 

Nevertheless green collections are more and more fashionable and follow the shapes both of street wear and high fashion.
It is happening a real fusion in the offer, sustainability had the power to put its trend at the same level of classical fashion in the business. 
Moreover green is becoming an always present word in the trend researches, the color itself has been used in several seasons in the latest years. And next one again, neo mint will be the color: it winks to the science evolution and the sport approach due to the social events of Mars 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics games.

We will be keeping up this theme in the upcoming issues of Oneg Magazine, with exclusive contents and interviews.
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