You can love dancing as much as you like, but we all know that as soon as the chorus of our favorite piece starts, we start singing loudly, not worrying about our stuffy voices and everything we are surrounded by.

But what happens when singing and dancing get together? When you start moving your hips at hip hop rhythm and a minute later you take a microphone and you start singing on the basis of a 90’s revival?

We tried it, we walked into one of Milan’s most well-known neighborhoods and we had an unforgettable evening at KTV in Paolo Sarpi street at “SABOTAGE – The Chinese karaoke”.

An emotion’s labyrinth, a seven halls sound path: the main room in the center, where we have seen bodies sweat of joy on the notes of Cris Wang, and six doors that reminded of Narnia’s closet, the desire to get in without knowing what to expect; karaoke rooms where we’ve heard singing everything, from “California gurls” by Katy Perry to “we are the champions” of the Queen.

If you missed the event, we suggest you not to miss the next one!



Polaroid and article by Jessica Iorio