Before the boom of social networks and videogames, there were other ways to have a divertissement as a child: board games, drawing, writings stories or creating them. Sometimes, just a little hide and seek was worth the day, making all of us laugh till cry because of the one that always lost.

Emilie Thirion was surely a great player of hide and seek and it’s confirmed by her collections.
Childhood is the main theme in her clothes: peluches, soft textiles like sponge or stacks, wool, name on shoulder like in school… everything is a fine work of art, a subtle connection with the inner child that is in our souls.

A continuous hide and seek is played: layers of denim and shirts cover up the adult body, transforming it in a childish one; maxi pull and oversized coats give new shapes to the men, returning to his origins.

If you don’t know where to hide during an hide and seek round, now you know a colorful and marvelous place.