How a modern witch will dress nowadays?
We, at Oneg, guessed with some names, but only one seems to be the perfect response: Abodi.
Dora Abodi, a Transylvanian-Hungarian fashion designer, opened the brand in 2011 winning several prizes and dressing a real big bunch of celebrities with her perspective of human body and world.

Mixing past and future, she use slot of references to classical art, technology, religion and the folklore of her origin, rich of magic and witchcrafts. Her latest collection, for example, fuses the Far West sensation with a more baroque one, using black colour on lace dresses, gowns and shirts that reminded us of a new kind of witch: the modern woman, born to charm every human that talks to her and win the struggle and battles of everyday life.

Materials are very rich and unusual, mixing lace with leather and velvet, feathers, faux fur, sequins, enlighting this powerful woman between a party girl by day and a seductive witch by night.
Because even to cast spells you have to serve your best look.