THE MEETING – fear meets interest, interest meets courage. Unspoken words create a beautiful speech who runs, as blood, through the veins – Like a hallelujah, I welcome you into my mass.

THE VOYEURISM – It was a miraculous thing to be able to watch the person you love undetected and unprotected at the same time; there are neither innocent nor disinterested bystanders. All unknowns at first, at least to me – until I, like Columbus, “discovered” the lust of the unknown world. Is voyeurism a form of reverence?

THE HAUNTING – Like the heat of a thousand fires, two entities meet their complementary opposites, so different but so depend the one on the other. How can love be so thrilling?

THE AMPLEX – Pleasure and pain come together, they merge the perfect key to redemption. They acceptance of the completeness, the risk of losing yourself in order to find new universes. Is love our generation filthier fetish?


A story by Stefano Riva

Photographer Lucas Possiede
Styling Jessica Iorio 

BDSM accessories by Spacciomilano

Thanks to Inferus club: