There is no darkness without light. No noise without silence. Can the sane and the insane condition coexist in the same entity? The designer Shahar Avnet has enlived both and translated it into a new collection: Insanity Anxiety.
On my predilection to bring fresh brands with a strong overtone I found this captivating designer. When I first saw her creations I was suddenly empathically trapped in a whirlwind of feelings; nostalgia and romanticism, tenderness and anxiety, joy and sadness, all mixed up at once. It’s not hard for me neither to mix clothes and feelings due I conceive clothes as a material representation of the immaterial dimension of feelings.
Let’s forget about the simple and easy questions and let’s go deeper through the mind of a creator… indulge the following interview.

You define yourself as a fashion designer and as an artist, How do you correlate both? 

The coordination between them isn’t necessary because it’s actually the same thing. When I draw a painting, design a garment or embroider I’m undergoing similar processes. And so, even while I’m in the final stage of making a garment, I always refine it through paintings and embroidery as well. That means that during my working process I always work at all these layers simultaneously. In the end, all the aspects of my creation merge together and support one another.

I would describe the soul of your brand as a mix of romanticism and nostalgy, How would you describe the Shahar Avnet’s brand persona? 

You described it well. I would add a little more charm, spice, and dare.

Insanity Anxiety seems to be a complex concept what is behind it and what is its mission? 

Before I started working on this collection I had a deep understanding regarding the concept of “madness” and what defines it. I think we use to think about the term “normal” and “crazy” in a very clear and defined way, whereas in reality, things are fluid and amorphous. In terms of philosophy, I was interested in thinking about myself outside these two definitions. This thought led me to a create a collection that deals with the fear of madness.

Clothes are a material representation of the immaterial feelings and thoughts, how feelings are lived through your dresses? 

All my work as a designer deals with reviving feelings and sensations. For me, love, fear or anger don’t have a single representation, because emotions are a dynamic, changing, and have very individual meaning. As far as I’m concerned, if I manage to revive and represent in a garment a single emotion from a single page from my sketches book (that gathers my mental process and emotions during my last six months)- and I did it accurately- it’s good enough.
You can not tell the whole story. I always tell parts of the whole, and that’s totally fine.

“Love yourself” is a constant slogan present in your social media, what is behind it? 

I think that in our world today we must strengthen one love for the other. In my view, self-loving initiate the love for others and for those around me. A person who does not love himself can not love anyone else. I believe that if each and any one us loves himself deeply – love will flood the world.

Something that intrigued me a lot about your work were the kind of loose threads in your designs, it gives me the idea of tears or words unsaid on sealed lips, Can you tell us more about it?

First of all, I’m happy that my art manages to arouse thinking process by the viewer.
There are many things in my work that are created without conscious decisions but are born out of my mental process. The embroideries are a very clear part of this process.
I tend to break boundaries and change the “order” of things – I think the loose threads are a good example to it.

Self-love and narcissism, two concepts that may find each other at a certain point, How could you divide them and, Is it ok to have some of both?

Self-love and narcissism are two similar and yet very different concepts. I can explain it by the concept of blindness. I think that narcissism means loving yourself without seeing the outside world, and without paying attention to ones surrounding you, kind of opacity. My concept of self-love does not mean blindness to the outside world but on the contrary. As inner love grows, the more inner peace, and the greater the ability to love those around us.

Photography Michal Chelbin

Make up Netta Szekely for MAC

Shoes: Shani Lax