In an era where streets are infected by logos and a redundant collective streetwear style, Big Uncle breaks the statements and brings a sense of relief to our eyes polluted by the fast fashion with a fresh monochromatism and clean lines mixed with modern tailoring and Italian craftsmanship. 

Representing the cusp of the last Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, Big Uncle presented in June 17th its most recent collection: The Uniform SS19, it was at the Brera District’s heart in a precinct with a hearty welcome to discover the proposals of a new season. The outfits were presented in rotation so you could know more about every single piece and you could have a talk with the designers. 

Three main elements were the players of the collection: the hat, the jacket and the trousers united to express an ideal of visual homogeneity with a stylistic concept. Having a talk with one of the designers was the chance I had to discover the ambivalent code hidden in their uniforms: the individualism offered by pieces melted to please your eyes with purifying chromatic hues that once its decomposed give to the wearer the chance to belong to a different style.

Clothing is a silent but strong way to communicate social identities, it carries on messages that embody different meanings for different audiences. Like all clothing, uniforms were born to mediate interactions between individuals and groups; they offer a sense of belonging to a group but at the same time this genre of clothing raises interesting questions about individuality and conformity.

History have taught us uniforms were born to identify groups and divide them from the rest while Big Uncle have taught us that identity can be preserved through the years and through the trends if you are loyal to your style and mostly if you are aware of the repercussion aesthetic clothing choices you bring out to the streets. I can only close this article by telling you let style unify, not divide.