Dualism is, generally speaking, the idea that, for some particular domain, there are two fundamental kinds or categories of thing or principles. Two fundamental concepts that, often, oppose each other. Light and dark. Good and evil. Summer and winter. Old and new. 

One side of the moon. And the other one.
But what would happen if we could float around the moon and see it all together with one glance? One side and the other. Old and new. It would be a new way of seeing the world: as it was one, in harmony with every little piece.

It would be like the creations of @standish_: extremely contemporary designs created with recycled, repurposed and reused garments. Old: material. New: idea. 
Beauty and ugliness.

Two opposites that in Standish’s works you cannot tear apart, just because it is the representation of a wider image of beauty.A beauty made of 3D wearable sculptures inspired and created for common people. A sculpture you can look at and see a story behind; the one about how all things are once. Even if they don’t seem so.