There are a lot of fashion designers in our world, searching for innovation and giving us their view of the world, so it’s difficult to emerge in a world that is so full.

But Klaudia Markiewicz surely does: this polish designer stands out alone for her use of different materials (wool, silk, sequins), the mix of neon colors and her vision of life and existence.

Starting with her last collection, “Contact”, she seems to suggest us something with sequins dresses, wave inspired shapes of some tops and reflecting holographic surfaces.

She created an army of modern mermaids that came from outer space. Cassandra’s vision of Markiewicz is about the seductive power of women translated in mermaids from new planets discovered by NASA (as t-shirts logo).

But she hasn’t stopped there: the collection before, “Achromatopsia”, made reference to the total blindess illness suffered from a lot of people; she imagines a dystopia where everything is black or white, reminding me of “Pleasantville” movie and so a direct association to the concept of Big Brother made by Orwell’s “1984”.

She made also a reference to the Big Brother using the symbol of the eye, putting ita s texture or covering all dresses with eyes, the new era obsession of vouyerism and continuing spying on others’ lives, making “1984” not only a book, but a very close dystopia. And Markiewicz surely knows.

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An article by Andrea Collins