Forte’s jewels are not only accessories, but pieces of handmade contemporary art.

Laura Forte: It’s hard to distinguish yourself in the modern world: everyone is making everything, proposing new contents and ideas constantly, especially with the advent of internet and freedom of criticism and speech.
So, it’s hard to make something not only new, but also with an high quality and original.

Laura Forte, a contemporary artist, seems to obviate this problem creating hand made pieces of art in the form of jewelry.

When I first saw her work, I fell in love: the pieces are all a work of craft and attention to details, something missing in serial production of the modernity.

The elegance is at its highest level: the choice of materials, the exclusive design of every single piece, the colors and shapes, everything it’s perfectly matched and combined, creating a new kind of elegance, starting from the fact of being hand crafted.
Her art is all inspired, like we can read in her bio, by the silence that certain places can evoke; everything is conceptual, studied in the minimum detail. And that’s the thing that made her win several awards.

Laura’s favourite materials to handle are gold and darkened silver, dark as the void she perceives around her. 

This choice is very singular, mixing cold tones to warmer ones: you can see the dark of the silver around a vivid red stone, the eternal struggle between light and darkness.
The shapes go from the beloved circle – symbol of eternity and perfection – to squares and sometimes lips, hearts and other geometrical figures. You can see bigger circles or smaller ones, playing with sizes and presence in the space we live in.

These jewels are not only something you can wear for a special night. These are a very particular and marvelous kind of art, very elegant in the way of being hand made, the fruit of an hard work and struggle around a material she loves to shape and give us in the form of accessories we can take with us every time we want.

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