The February edition of London Fashion Week has particularly grabbed the attention of the media since all the brands have kept an eye on sustainability in fashion.

Brands tried to convey a positive message about what the industry can do to stop the climate change and save the planet from the disaster made by plastic and possible nature catastrophes.
Alongside the global warming, animals theme is always very hot. Even if the fur debate is almost at its end, Extinction Rebellion, a group of fighters for the Earth salvation, had the chance to protest outside the Victoria Beckham and Burberry shows: women wore faux fur jackets made with grass by the artists Heather Ackroyd e Dan Harvey, as a symbol of how the industry can use the influence on people to convey strong messages about the environment.

The icon Vivienne Westwood wrote on the clothes, encouraging the reduction of consumerism, with the motto “buy less”. 
On the other hand, emerging talents have sought for visibility through creative performances and unconventional statements, rather than moving their collection towards social engagement. 

This is the case for A-Jane, a brand by Alice Jane, a Malaysian-born fashion designer who has built her artistic carrier in Germany.

Referring to the need of positivity of this world, Alice has based her approach on music, especially on a new type of music. Neue Musik, in German, is able to break the silence of the institutions (politically speaking), precisely through the spontaneity of the gesture. During her presentation at the Freemasons Hall the models on the stage had in their hands different objects like paper and glass, used as musical elements. 

The manipulation of the pieces all together formed a broken, creative, inspirational orchestra.

The spectators’ eyes were guided to move from the bright yellow to the flaming red, from the brilliant green to the electric blue of the garments. Black had also an important part in the realization of the multiple layers skirts and the most particular accessorizes, like the hat tied under the chin.

The simplicity of lines were also broken by some exaggerated stylistic details, such as raffled sleeves and fringed long skirt. Absolutely casual white shirts has been revisited with twists of color and texture.

Reversible elements of the collection, together with the use of everyday life objects as sound tools, put the focus of the performance on the reflection about manipulation and how people can be vulnerable and change their minds when convinced by strong influencers. We want to read also Alice’s choice of models as a declaration of equality. She kept a great visual balance putting together long and short hair, blondes and brunettes, white and black skins.

This is why we can call the A-Jane fashion a non political approach, in the sense that looking at the collection you can find a colorful and joyful world. At the same time her presentation was unveiling for so many reasons, speaking out about the designer’s story and people’s capacity or incapacity of looking deeper.

London once again revealed itself as the European capital of creativity, where everything can exist and can be invented. 
Stepping into the London Fashion Week is like being part of the greatest experiment of the fashion month. Fashion designers drive a very creative and active scene, which really starts from the schools in town – that is not so obvious, like many know. Public in general and especially press, buyers, industry insiders are asked to be there with presence, assisting with a different mind-set, more than in any other fashion metropolis in the world.

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Backstage pics by Sami Oliver Nakari