Further than trends and styles that fades through the time, the quality of the clothes’ materials we wear is the key fact that can guarantee if a garment will be functional even through the years. This is the case of the cashmere, a material with history linking east and west, traditional culture with contemporary creations. The highest quality, the unmistakable delicacy sensation and the special softened properties have seduced everyone over the time, finally arriving in fashion as the noble material by excellence.

A great way to represent the cult of cashmere is a brand with heritage principles that was founded in Italy, nothing but a clear representation of the excellence of the well-known and sought Made In Italy: Nobili Cashmere. The brand was created by Wiola Nobili, who was born in the region of Umbria and grown up in an environment followed up by the hands of the craftsmanship where she learned the art of the made to measure. It was in 1999 when she finally launched in Milan her first refined line that will have assured the success of the following seasons and the permanence in the market.

Focused on womenswear, the brand offers elegant and sophisticated apparel always with a fresh touch and a timeless look. The lady that represents Nobili Cashmere is someone worried for the selected natural materials, the high-end design and the traditional Italian craftsmanship. The softness of the cashmere invites you to touch by yourself the quality of the tailored products and once you feel it, the timeless style will convince you luxury and comfort are intertwined.