Being not rated for people diagnosed with selenophobia, Marine Serre showed up her creativity by presenting her very first runway collection named “Manic Soul Machine” during the last Paris Fashion Week.

Her place there was not something that have just fallen from the skies as the impregnated crescent moon present in the corporate isotype, after her prom at La Cambre Mode[s] she had the chance to acquire experience by being intern at Alexander McQueen, Maison Margiela, Dior and Balenciaga and not much time later she won the LVMH’s prize and I’m sure her success is not going to stop soon.

Miss Serre deserves a standing ovation, a prolonged one I may suggest; In the current decade is not that easy to come up with an original product but Marine has achieved it by knowing the importance of creating a strong image in the collective imaginarium of your audience with an icon that can distinguish your brand everywhere you see it. The crescent moon is not just present in the logo but also in the pieces of the collection, an artwork with no boundaries between ready-to-wear, couture, tailoring and sportswear.

The complex styling of layered looks in the catwalk is a shout out to the “futurewear” where the brand’s predilection goes through. Futurewear marries perfectly well with technical fabrics, impossible to conceive one without the other and contrary to what you may think fashion tech has not only a masculine side, the designer has been capable to feminize it in her way.

It goes along with cotton, silk, velvet, pvc fabrics mixing the soft materials with the strong ones as denim and leather shaped in a feminine silhouettes and the dressing at the end are the unrivalled bodysuits with the crescent moon as tattooed in their skin, often worn as underneath clothing which seems to be the established element that would be present in her creations.

Pics by Lucie Rox