Mich Vasca: deep leather research, timeless design, Italian know-how and Made in.

Is Italy famous only for the “made by hand”? I asked myself, probably the answer is absolutely no. During those years I’ve got the possibility to met a lot of talented people from the emerging fashion scenario and what made me prouder of them, day by day, is that: in their creations you can see the Italian values coexist with contemporary design. 
Micheal Spartano founder of “Mich Vasca” is definitively one of them, not only for his own design, but also for the real meaning behind his creations.

We met him for an exclusive interview and he told us about himself, his aspirations and inspirations.

Tell us more about yourself.

I graduated in Languages, but since I could remember I’ve always had a great passion in noticing the accessories on a person. I literally find boring to define a bag only as an accessory, for me is a fundamental part of the outfit.

How was your brand born and how much we can see about yourself and about Mich

At the beginning I deconstructed a lot of jackets to make bags, assembling the various pieces together. Then I felt the necessity to do something more starting with my first collection “Wall 73”, inspired by the old satchels. Of course is all made in Italy, all my bags are produced between Modena and Bologna. Through my bags you can see my emotions, not my face.

How do you design your collections? 

The first thing that I do is design something that I’ve never seen before and putting what excites me more in the last period of my life. Something I’ve never seen, to give a new emotion to my customers. Spread new emotions is what I want to do, especially in this cultural period, where people are totally obsessed with social media and emphaty is something that is so hard to find.

Then, I think a lot about the functionality of the product, that is one of my biggest goals when I design a bag. The last but not the least, the bag must embrace my vision and my aesthetic.

In my “Armatura” bag, you can find all of these steps. Nowadays people have to fight for a purpose, and I wanted to transfer this concept into my design; an armor that can defend us, take us ready to attack and protect us at the same time.

Who’s the real Mich Vasca’s customer?

Is someone who’s not afraid about people’s critics. A person who is not afraid of being accepted for his real self. You must have this kind of attitude to wear, for example, an “Armatura”.

If you hadn’t founded your own brand, what would you have done?

I would express myself differently, as I said before giving vent to my creativity is a necessity.

If you could choose to collaborate with an important brand in the Italian scene and in the world, what would it be?

I don’t have a favorite brand or something like that, I respect Martin Margiela so much, but I would like to do something more. If I could have the possibility to collaborate with someone, my choice would 100% be an Onlus or a No-profit association. I want and I need to do something more with my vision and with my brand, doing something for changing someone life would be great.

Which famous person would you like to dress?

Robert Downey as Iron Man, even tough he has super powers and he is totally a super hero, he has also a big heart and huge responsibilities. Could may sound strange, but my dream is to see Ludovico Enaudi wearing one of my bags, because he helped me a lot in this period and he always comforts me with his music; also when I design I used to put his music on because it helps me and inspired me at the same time.

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