A nameless generation is emerging, be identified and stay unified is their mission. PTRCRS represents a dichotomy towards the contemporary urban community, their proposal is always about the thematic opposites, mostly between the object and the subject; The activewear is its fuel and the collection end up by being perceive as high performance garments for a low profile persona.

The brand pretends to be independent, to stay away from the classic and imposed fashion system, wasted and sometimes corrupted. Their own system consists in be natives from the net, their distribution and communication strategy are only on digital allowing to bring on a product with an aesthetic research and strong meaning.

The first collection release provides the development of the black color, experienced through fabrics and shades. Is a collection made in Italy, thinked, designed and produced to merge research, tradition and new technologies.

How to guide the role of PTRCRS in the current market? The path where they seem to be already walking in is apparently the antifashion movement. When I say antifashion I am not referring to a careless approach of fashion, it’s actually referred to the fashion movement  that started in the 90’s and as well as the energy cannot be destroyed but only converted; it was dark, violent and evolved and if at the beginning this movement was a tuned with the cultural and political situation of that era… from techno to grunge, from richness to economic crisis, now is appealing to a movement that rejects to adapt itself to a static way of thinking and prefers to proliferates dynamism.

Fashion is now democratic, dynamic and diverse from past. Discover more about PTRCRS, their urban mood and their activewear soul and upgrade now your wardrobe with some style munitions.