Team ONEG got infiltrated into the backstage of Grinko’s latest show in Milan, the brand founded in the same city by Sergei Grinko, born Russian and London raised, took advantage of the power of fashion as a media to protest in favour of social issues.

Clothing plays an important role in our lives and has always been a way to externalize the proclamation of individualism and free way of thinking. Having said that, “Stop violence against women” was the branded flag to mark the territory where women’s rights are defended. An urban squad against violence projected by the designer walked down the catwalk and something I suddenly notice was the connection between every piece:

First – The chromatic palette: it was mostly a cold gamma; a plenty of black and some bordeaux was mixed with the iridescent overlayering and volumes.
Second – the leitmotif that resounded was an urban streetwear represented by a beanie hat was worn by almost every model.

Third – Fringes everywhere. When i thought I could only, and exclusively only, relate it to a hippie movement or to a western style due my cultural background I was totally wrong: Sergei Grinko proposed it in a very different way by totally changing its context and transporting it to an atmosphere influenced by new age and an urban mood.