Featured brand.- Knowing trends and needs of her generation, the designer goes ahead and creates street fashion collections that are sharp, eclectic, and at times shocking. NOT TODAY was founded in 2017 by Elizaveta Samsonova, while was still was studying at HSE Design School. Streetwear brand, with a focus on sustainable fashion, the brand incorporates natural textile, manual silk-screen printing and elements of second hand clothing.

“I wanted to use this capsule to draw the attention of people generally alien to the world of arts to the hilarious and unjust accusation brought against Kirill. As of now, the collection is for exhibitions, not sale, with the overcoat held by Kirill himself being so far one-of-a-kind.”

The Honest Man collection was inspired by the imprisonment of Kirill Serebrennikov and was made up of the prints born from three different concepts: 1) the visual identity of Gogol Center; 2) evil people painted in the Picassian style; and 3) Some quotes as:“The fists are powerless against the truth”, “Lies and propaganda” and “I am an honest man”.

The brand uses natural fabrics as well as recycling of old clothes. The collections are made in the town of Sergiyev Posad. Inspiration comes from Russia’s everyday life, news, art, folk crafts. The designer regards her clothes as a way to raise awareness of a variety of social problems, using fashion as a language to be spoken of what is really important, and what is actually going on.