Samuel Lucas (better known as sdl.intimateappareal on Instagram) is the designer of some particular kind of garments in male fashion: lingerie, a kind of clothing that for our society is a feminine’s prerogative. He made a collection of underwear (jockstraps, socks, boxers) in silk and jersey in pretty pink fabric, making our obsessions and fetishes come true. Enjoy our sexy pink talk.

Why did you feel the urge to create male lingerie?


Ultimately I wanted to create a luxury product that contributed to contemporary discussions about masculinity and sexuality. I think that my work is not limited by the definition of male lingerie, however uses lingerie techniques to enhance the design value of men’s underwear. I personally don’t see my work as fetishitic but feel that as it is provocative and challenges the norms of masculinity, it is placed under the fetish umbrella by default.

Is male lingerie still a taboo in our society?


I think men are inseparably attached to traditional notions of masculinity. It is hard for them to identify with intimate fashion products without fear of being ostracised. In an ideal world people would be able to wear and buy into whatever products speak to them, however this is far easier said than done. For me my work speaks predominantly to homosexual males as it uses the existing outlines of upfront sexuality to promote a brand image and aesthetic. I feel that other males may see my work as a taboo as it differs from the Calvin Klein boxer they are used to.


Where did the idea for your products come?


I think that the idea of luxury intimates for men has always been something that I wanted to create however until I began exploring my own design aesthetic, it was not clear to me how the collection would look until It was all produced. My main points of inspiration came from archival military and utilitarian photographs. I wanted to create work that juxtaposed traditional notions of masculinity with elements of intimacy and femininity. The collection uses a lot of bespoke lingerie and fashion techniques in order to communicate my unique vision for the men’s intimate apparel market.

There are some men with the fetish for female lingerie; between your clients are female fetishes the same as the male ones?


My work is primarily designed for men therefore the female client base I have are the minority. In response to my work, a lot of females are drawn to the delicate aesthetic and respect my work for its design value and craftsmanship. I think that male and female consumers buy into brands for different reasons and that is true with my work. I do believe that despite the difference in male and female fetishes, underwear works as a form of empowerment for a lot of individuals and this should not be purely understood as a fetish. I think that this desire to feel strong from the most intimate layer of clothing is something that should be celebrated and explored by every consumer whether they are male or female


I see a lot of references to female lingerie in your products. Are you inspired by some of your fetishes when creating your pieces?


I personally don’t have fetishes for female underwear however I have used my study of Fashion Contour as a starting block to create my work. My first two years of study were focused on the production and design of lingerie therefore gave me a great understanding of techniques and processes. I know that my work appears wholly feminine and sexualised however I see my work to be an innovation in men’s underwear and male sexuality. The product I have created is accessible to those with fetishes as well as those who want to buy into a beautifully designed piece of clothing. Of course there can be an overlap however my designs are not limited to either consumer

Do you think your products can liberate some men from prejudice and awaken their sexual conscience?


I think my work is very provocative (not just in a sexual context) and would of course have an impact on male sexuality and sexual conscience. My work has allowed me to explore my unique design vision so I hope that it can allow the same for my consumer.

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An interview by Andrea Collins