Alberto Zambelli reinterprets this season the concept of hugging and propose an idea related to the conception of the human gesture by Serguéi Mijáilovich.

Everyone has a soulmate somewhere in the world. Your complementing half could be by your side right now or in the opposite hemisphere, maybe you have already met her/him, maybe you haven’t… or maybe you are just wearing it now.

When two parts are destined to be together the universe conspire yo unite them; humanity and cloths were meant to be together and it’s not just a coincidence or just to say something nice when talking about fashion: it’s actually true.

Through the years we have tried to cover our naked bodies by nature to protect them against the weather and mostly because we have been vested with conscious mind and having a sense of shame is inevitable.

Zambelli came up with a figurative representation of this human gesture full of meanings, the fabrics intersect to find the body and embrace it in a warm and soft act. Extremely feminine but yet comfortable was something noticeable in the catwalk.

The neutral colors implemented in the collection were sober and moderate in a perfect harmony with the bodies they were protecting and the most determined and sparking alternations were in line with the big prints reminiscing constantly the importance of a priceless gesture: the hug.