It was a challenge for me to find a playlist that suits this issue, with such a complex subject. But is it really that complex? I don’t think so, if you see it from a different angle.
Society determines , what is “normal”. What is right and wrong, allowed and prohibited. In general this makes most of us feel safe, but excludes many people on the other side. People that think alternative. That maybe are completely different from what we are used to know. And this is exactly the point, where everyone of us can make the world a better place. It just takes us to think out of stereotypes and start accepting people as who they are.

This playlist gives you an alternative to the popular music that is played everywhere around you. Dealing with situations you maybe already experienced on your own, or maybe not.
Take your chance, listen closely, try to find your alternative view on life, you still don’t know about, yet. It’s gonna be exciting. I promise.