Have you ever wondered what the world will look like in the future ?

Watching the news I see a lot of war, natural disasters recurring more often and intense because of climate change. Politicians that fail their citizens in every way, people loosing everything or starting in poverty right from the beginning. For me this looks like we’re heading into a dystopia. 

Is this the future we want to live in?

 For me it’s not. I know I won’t change the world to a better place just on my own, but I think simple gestures in our everyday life will at least make someone’s day, which can be the start for something new.

Reproducing the actual feeling of the world being in a wrong place, „Dystopia“ heads into a brighter future. A future we all shape, day by day.

So that was enough of the political talk for now.

Lean back and enjoy this atmospheric ride through space and time.

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