The girl power popped up in the early 90’s thanks to the punk band Bikini Kill, it was when the world started to notice the power vested on the female gender and to start preparing us for the revolution that was about to start.

Milly Toomey, better known by the stage name Girli, saturates the music scene with her bubblegum pop-punk style, once you got infected by her sound everything turns pink… in its mildly irritating shade. Girli is an english singer, yet based in London where she grown up, first launched a single “So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya” nothing but an impulsive hyper-feminine sonic assault in 2015 and now by the tutelage by PMR Records have launched more singles through these past two years but her latest single “Hot mess” launched on August 2017 that is also part of our -official playlist- on Spotify (now with almost 200k views on Youtube) was the proof that her irreverent attitude have captivated the ones who are hungry of an erratic, refreshing but necessary music style.

Probably best described as an aggressive pop player, Girli came to invade the discographic industry with contagious irreverent music style. Another of her singles are: “Girls Get Angry Too”, “Girl I Met On The Internet” and “Not That Girl”; each one treading a line between catchy and deliberately discomforting karma that the pink-haired singer cannot wait to express through her lyrics.

Girli has quickly established herself as an artist who says exactly what she’s thinking. She is capable to challenge the female gender stereotypes and lead a new legion on the unapologetically loud pop rising scene. Milly never planned to start something. “It was just a normal thing. I just talk about being a woman making music or gender or political stuff with my friends”. Even if she is no that new in the industry she has now assure her place in the army of the world-wide fem rebellion.