Some months ago he promised a comeback in town after a period of hard working (come on <3) in the Big Apple and, yes, he carried out his promises and no, he is not dead.

After a lot of speculations, we finally have a date – and a big name, I would say – on October, the 6th a new chapter in the Milanese clubbing scene will be written; the seventh season of the funniest Friday night party q|LAB will start and we could not wait any longer to share with all of you what our favorite “Chef” Protopapa is cooking for us.

Ingredient #1 – a back to basics:

In this season, the key word will be definitely the “lab” one; art and visuals will come together in order to create the queerest (night) sanctuary of fun in town.

Ingredient #2 – a sprinkling of news:

Milan is hungry so q|LAB is going to feed you – the power point of this season will be the risk, daring to serve every party new surprising desserts.

Ingredient #3 – having the right guests to share the meal with:

Milan is as big as little and everybody knows that; we think to have seen anything but I guarantee you will have something to talk about after the opening party. For the first party of the season, HUNGRY (does she even need a description?), the hottest and most distorted drag queen in Europe, will have the pleasure to entertain you, but she is not going to be the only guest of the season. #areyouhungry? Because we are.

Ingredient #4 – the secret room:

Do you know the motto “Set another place at the table”? q|LAB clearly knows it.
In addition to having brand new faces (TOP SECRETS) and keeping the old good ones in the q|STAFF, our Chef decided to add a new secret room, where you will be finding Marilyn Manson dirty dancing with Britney Spears.

Ingredient #5 – the Q factor:

Let’s be honest, we all wondered what the hell that “Q” stood for and I am going to tell you a secret, the “Q” factor is basically you.

“Q” is being who you are, having fun in the deepest and wildest way you have been taught to; “Q” is a safe please where you can free yourself. And honestly, it is the most important ingredient for this recipe.

Was I right? Doesn’t it look as delicious as a muffin when you’ve been starving the whole day?
Sign the date and google the place, we are probably going to share the meal that night ?

An article by Stefano Riva