‘YOU’ is the debut single from New York singer/songwriter Morgan Saint. Her gentle, but precise vocal tones flow softly over a stripped back pop production. Intensified by her honest and accessible lyrics, it gives you the feeling of walking on clouds, reminiscing your own emotional past.

Saint introduces herself visually in a simple but captivating video, directed by Nathan Crooker, which underlines the moody atmosphere of the song perfectly.

She calls her music “moody pop,” and says her goal is to craft songs match indelible melodies to lyrics that deliver substance. “I want for it to be super catchy and stay in your head, but I also want to tell a story and have people relate in a way that’s real and raw,” she says. “I don’t want to be afraid to say things that might be a little dark or a little questionable.”

Morgan Saint turns deeply personal moments into soaring choruses, and transforms ear-grabbing hooks into intimate singer- songwriter revelations.

“During my dark times in high school, I always turned to music,” she says. “One thing that helped me a lot was just seeing artists who aren’t afraid to be themselves. I’ve always been a little bit shy. I never feel like it’s important to speak unless I have something important to say. And I want at this point to share my stories with the world.”

Her five piece debut EP is titled 17 HERO was released on 10.13.

Instagram Morgan Saint:  https://www.instagram.com/morgan_saint/

Website: http://www.morgansaint.com/

An article by Christian Frank