Candy Ken is an Austrian rapper, model and artist; he started his career as a rapper in 2014, he combines a masculine appearance with feminine pop culture. Today we have a little conversation with him about his route and fetishes.

“Candy Ken”: One name and thousands secrets. You created a character from your passions (and obsessions) can you talk about this process? How did your obsessions influence the birth of Candy Ken?

Our personalities are created anyways; the person you think you are is so influenced by your birth place, your parents, your friends and society. It’s important not to let them put you into a box and limit you: you decide who you are, you don’t have to be the person they want you to be, you need to be the person you want to be – that’s exactly what I did.

It’s crystal clear that one of your biggest fetish is Hello Kitty, what makes this modern icon so special for you?

Well, She is everything I am not supposed to be as well as not supposed to like as a man in our society.

Let’s get personal Candy Ken, tell me three of your biggest (and hidden) obsessions

Hmm, I would say: porn, blood and horses.

In addition of being a living (but more macho) Michelangelo’s creature, you are also a performer and a rapper, how does your exteriority come into your works? Do your aesthetic points reflect on your artistic view?

Well, I made my exteriority my image…who I am; my aesthetic is what I want my work and myself basically to look like.

So, your nails are pink and your heart is pinker, but how do you live your dichotomy? I mean, do you and Candy Ken live in cohesion or you prefer living two different lives?

There is no dichotomy actually *he smiles*; I am Candy Ken 24/7 all year long.

I read some things about you on the net, even though I find you “super kawaii”, people find you “ambiguous”. What do you think about that? Does society limit your borders?

It’s my mission to teach tolerance and to question rules and stereotypes. If I would not be that ambiguous there would not be need of Candy Ken.

Let’s close this little talk with a last question, our ONEG project is based on modern subcultures and their branches, so do you think that fetishes are now less relatable to our culture or you think that they find a fixed abode in our everyday life?

With the internet, now you can find people quick that share your interests and your fetishes; that is very helpful and a blessing because you are not alone even though your subculture might only be a couple people around the world.

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An interview by Stefano Riva